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Fashion Spread: Travel in style

88-93_Feature Bangkok

BANGKOK BREEZE. To travel in style, the rule of thumb is never forgo your dapper personality for the sake of packing lightly. Styled straight from the pre-spring presentation looks, DA MAN shows you how to emulate your fashion finesse during a holiday under the tropical heat. Outfit by Dior … [Read more...]

Fashion Spread: Sartorial Look in the City

94-103_Feature Akin copy

STYLISH IN THE WINDY CITY. Being overdressed is always better than being underdressed, especially if your routine involves going around the city. You never know who you are going to bump into. Here are some suit, coat and leather jacket pairings as a foolproof style guide to sartorially prepare … [Read more...]

Fashion Spread: Contemporary Local Fashion

78-87_Feature Local Ethnic

CULTURE CLASH. Bridging tradition and contemporary fashion are Indonesian local brands that instill cultural heritage into their creations. Through symbolic motifs and vibrant color compositions, these essential pieces do more than make statements—they represent the nation’s rich legacy that … [Read more...]

Fashion Spread: Game of Love

Feature Model Daniel Bruce

One can never have too many seductive moves to entice his sultry preys. To stay ahead of the game, the first thing to do is to dress up and play the part as you lure her into a lovers’ trap. Shirt by Alabaster & Chess, tie by Dibi ‘Hyde’, pants by Perry Ellis Suit by Dolce & … [Read more...]

Fashion Spread: Hermès Fall/Winter 2013 Collection

100-105_Feature Hermes

SNUG SUAVE. Nifty coats, sleek turtlenecks and sharp blazers might not recall an image of lounge dressing, but with Hermès, nothing is compromised in the name of comfort. Cloaked in sumptuous wools and fine cashmere, stepping out in style feels as good as stepping into a pair of fleece slippers. … [Read more...]

Fashion Spread: Androgynous Fall/Winter Picks

Feature David Tan

LEGENDS OF THE FALL. This fall/winter season, menswear designers proudly embrace the feminine mystique in them by emblazoning bold floral motifs and animal prints on their creations, while diaphanous lace serves as a delicate counterbalance to rugged masculinity. Whatever your pick, indulge … [Read more...]