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Exclusive Fashion Shoot, Interview with sexy Maika Monroe


BLONDE AMBITION. Eighteen-year-old beauty Maika Monroe is a world-class kiteboarder with a budding career as an actress and a role in the new film At Any Price alongside Dennis Quaid and Zac Efron. By Salli Paradisio   Bodysuit by American Apparel, necklaces by Nissa, shoes by Aldo, rings … [Read more...]

Exclusive fashion shoot and interview: Nick Eversman

Exclusive fashion shoot and interview: Nick Eversman

For the past seveal years, rising actor Nick Eversman has plied his trade as a guest star in a handful of TV shows and big screen productions such as The Runaways, House M.D., NCIS, CSI: Miami, Cinema Verite and more. In addition he has major roles in TV series called Missing and an upcoming feature … [Read more...]

DA MAN Exclusive: Velove Vexia


V FOR VOLUPTUOUS. Actress Velove Vexia first turned everyone’s head when she starred in Olivia, an Indonesian TV show, as a girl disguised as her twin brother. DA MAN finds out that Velove may not be too far off from her breakthrough character: at first glance, a seemingly delicate girly girl and, … [Read more...]