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Tips for Men: Hair Treatments


BRAT HAIR DAY. Hair is the crown of women, whereas for men it’s a matter of pride. Ideally, everyone desires to have a healthy and lush crown. Issues such as hair loss, dandruff or oily hair can pile up and create a time bomb. The tropical heat and high stress level worsen the condition, … [Read more...]

Grooming Review: Erha21 Body Acne Spray


BACK UP FOR YOUR BACK. Back acne is a real and embarrassing problem for many men. After the face, it is the most likely area of the body for acne to occur, and two out of three people who suffer facial acne also have to contend with back acne. Acne on the back is also relatively … [Read more...]

Hair Necessities

Shampoo - all type

You can't talk about Erha without mentioning Dr. Ronny Handoko, the legendary dermatologist who first founded the skin-care clinic that started the whole Erha empire, which includes skin and body-care lines. … [Read more...]