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Movie Review: Breaking Dawn part 2


VAMPIRE APOCALYPSE. The Twilight saga is finally coming to an end and it looks like the last entry in the series may be the most action-packed … [Read more...]

Film Review: ‘Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part I’


Adored human-vampire couple Bella and Edward return in the latest installment of the Twilight franchise. … [Read more...]

Kellan Lutz’s new fashion brand: Abbot+Main

Abbot+Main 4 Dylan George, Kellan Lutz for DA MAN

Kellan Lutz branches out. The guy known mostly for being one of the stars of the Twilight franchise is also a very serious fashionisto. As DA MAN … [Read more...]

DA MAN exclusive: Shiloh Fernandez of ‘Red Riding Hood’


Shiloh Fernandez, the guy who nearly became Twilight's Ed Cullen, is now the top dog in Red Riding Hood as well as the hip indie flick Skateland. … [Read more...]