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Pick: Super sunglasses The Cove collection


A CALIFORNIA DREAMING. “I wanted to design sunglasses that all my friends would love to wear: fresh, hip and stylish without necessarily compromising the quality.” Such manifesto underscores the vision of Daniel Beckerman when he founded Super back in 2007. And in the brand’s … [Read more...]

Lacoste Live and Cool Cats Collection

lacoste live cool cats gray tshirt

'A Bit of Swag.' Since its inception in 2009, fashion label Cool Cats has become the epitome of edgy. Not much of a surprise, really, since it was founded by a group of cutting-edge artists, musicians and designers. … [Read more...]

Exclusive Fashion Feature: London’s East End


THE EAST ENDER. Once gritty and grungy, now gentrifying and hip, London’s edgy East End is fast becoming a haven for artsy hipsters, fashion mavens and colorful creative types. In this exclusive photo feature, the East End shows its fashionable side with a touch of street-style élan. Blazer by … [Read more...]

Parisis.H Collection from Longchamp

Longchamp Parisis.H_1

Longchamp's Parisis.H men's bag collection is contemporary vintage in its truest sense: The lining is adorned by a motif of a horse and the rider--the brand's iconic logo--and the bags are made of one of a kind leather that would look better with age. … [Read more...]