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Fashion Spread : Oxfordshire in ‘Springs Calling’

OXFORDSHIRE_Spread_ (Copy)

SPRING’S CALLING. This season calls for an arsenal of pieces that feature exuberant clashes of prints and experimental combinations of … [Read more...]

Essentials: Emulate Relaxed Styling with Slip-Ons


HIP SLIP. To emulate relaxed styling without compromising your formal shoe game, slip-ons are the smart sartorial answer—they might be … [Read more...]

Fashion Spread: The Most Comfortable Casual Wear in “Into the Woods”

Featured Image Into the Woods DAMAN

INTO THE WOODS. As the year draws to a close, get off the grid and back to the nature, and live the adventure in the most comfortable casual … [Read more...]

Insider: Lanvin Homme Designer Lucas Ossendrijver Chats Fashion and Luxury

Lucas Ossendrijver Lanvin Homme Designer DAMAN Interview

BACK TO THE FUTURE. The man behind Lanvin’s sneaker-and-suit pairings, Lucas Ossendrijver chats fashion, luxury and the future in today’s … [Read more...]

Know-How: How to Wear Green Blazer

Know-How Green Blazer DAMAN 1

GREEN BUSINESS. This season, give your green blazer a chance to prove its coolness and versatility DOS: STICK TO NEUTRAL … [Read more...]

Exclusive Feature: Young Model Dorian Reeves Talks Modelling Career and Current Fashion Industry

Dorian Reeves Featured Image

From a young age, Dorian Reeves knew modelling was in his future; he just had to go for it. He tells DA MAN Style the story so … [Read more...]