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Dating: Top 10 Mistakes in Approaching Women


For most, approaching the opposite sex is all about timing and strategies. Rey L. sums up some common mistakes guys make when they approach women. So you want to approach women? Here’s the thing, if you don’t approach a woman within the next few seconds after making eye contact, you … [Read more...]

Dating: Master the pickup artist strategy

102-103_Collumn Dating

When your dating life seems like a flat line on the EKG, it is time to polish your pickup strategy to the level of mastery. Ace Jay shows you how. Natural charm only works for those who have it, but having the mindset to actually dazzle others intentionally is a far more valuable skill – a … [Read more...]

DATING TIPS: The Top 10 Signs She’s Just Not That Into You

DA MAN dating top 10 things she's not into you --2

Your biggest enemy in starting relationships is your ego, because while the ego can drive us to great heights in our careers (as long as we contain it), it can really hurt you when it comes to the dating game. Here’s why. By Jeff M. Stevens … [Read more...]

Rebound Dating

chatting up chicks.. courtesy of the Big Bang Theory

What do you do after a bitter break-up and now you find yourself on the single scene once again? By Jeffy Rhyder … [Read more...]