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In This Issue: DA MAN October – November 2014


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How To Tie A Bow Tie


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Adinia Wirasti: A Class Act


Award-winning actress Adinia Wirasti tells DA MAN about her breakout role, combatting stereotypes and learning how to let go. Check out our in depth interview here. … [Read more...]

DA MAN ASKS: Hamish Daud Wyllie


We ask Hamish Daud Wyllie a candid and fun questions for him to answer all of it in his own classy way. Prepare for some personal insights that you can only get here. Check out the in dept interview here. … [Read more...]

DA MAN ASKS: Tara Basro


DA MAN meets with this young and talented lady in between her fashion shoot for DA MAN darling and ask some fun questions that she answers in her own way. … [Read more...]

Oka Antara: The Original Killer

Oka Antara: The Incidental Star

The series of events in Oka Antara’s life seem like fragments that make up the puzzle of a fated life in the limelight. To DA MAN, he opens up about his beginnings as an actor, getting into the mind of a serial killer and the transition from music to film. Check out our interview with Oka … [Read more...]