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Balmain’s new affordable line: Pierre Balmain


Newly affordable couture. The elite Parisian fashion house of Balmain is known for incredibly luxurious, and very expensive, clothing and accessories. This has put them out of reach for most people to even consider. But now, the brand has created a new, more affordable, line called Pierre … [Read more...]

Louis Vuitton ‘island maison’ at Marina Bay Sands

Louis Vuitton Island Maison at Marina Bay Sands, night exterior

The new Louis Vuitton Island Maison at Marina Bay Sands is more than a place to buy high-fashion clothing and accessories, it's a super-luxury experience in itself. Opened on September 17, 2011 with a star-studded cast of VIPs and celebrities, including Cate Blanchett, Hidetoshi Nakata, Godfrey Gao … [Read more...]

DA MAN exclusive: Shiloh Fernandez of ‘Red Riding Hood’


Shiloh Fernandez, the guy who nearly became Twilight's Ed Cullen, is now the top dog in Red Riding Hood as well as the hip indie flick Skateland. … [Read more...]

DA MAN Exclusive: Trevor Donovan of ‘90210’


Trevor Donovan is now the hottest star of the popular TV show 90210. Previously an Abercrombie & Fitch model, the 32-year-old Donovan plays Teddy Montgomery on 90210. Photographs by Mitchell Nguyen McCormack … [Read more...]