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News: Chanel’s Little Black Jacket Exhibition and Book


BLACK MAGIC. Women have fallen under its spell, and now men have proven to be equally defenseless when it comes to resisting Chanel’s charm. Kanye West Alexander Wang Riccardo Tisci Olivier Theyskens Alluring victims with elegant simplicity, the likes of Alexander Wang, … [Read more...]

DA MAN Darling: Nadila Ernesta

Dress by Red Valentino

Going with the flow. From playing a nerdy, bespectacled role to winning the Best Asian Supermodel in South Korea; actress Nadila Ernesta has taken it all in stride. As her career grows, Nadila wears her positive outlook on life like a goodluck charm. By Petricia Yuvita  Dress by Red … [Read more...]

DA MAN Fashion Spread: Young Hearts

94-101_Daniel Bruce

The quiet undercurrent of modern-day youthful rebellion, inspired by the teen angst in small-town USA, is alive and well in this fashion editorial. On Jonathan: Shirt by Calvin Klein, tie by Dibi, pants by RRL, blazer by Club Monaco, shoes by Valentino On Hannah: Dress by Zara, socks by Cookies, … [Read more...]

DA MAN Exclusive: Velove Vexia


V FOR VOLUPTUOUS. Actress Velove Vexia first turned everyone’s head when she starred in Olivia, an Indonesian TV show, as a girl disguised as her twin brother. DA MAN finds out that Velove may not be too far off from her breakthrough character: at first glance, a seemingly delicate girly girl and, … [Read more...]

DA MAN Darling: Kelly Tandiono, Bold & Beautiful


Top model Kelly Tandiono shows DA MAN a bluish bruise on her otherwise smooth inner knee and nonchalantly says, “I got this from paintballing yesterday.” At that instant, we know she’s not your stereotypical high-maintenance model; she’s one sexy tough chick, ready to plunge herself into a … [Read more...]

Exclusively on DA MAN: Luna Maya, Revealed


Luna Maya had it all when everything came to a screeching halt. Facing scrutiny from the government, the media and the public, business partners and even "friends", Luna Maya's well-publicized scandal left her shocked and confused but ultimately at peace and stronger than before. Photographs: … [Read more...]