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Insider: Nicolas Beau Reveals Key to Success and His Thoughts About Chanel Men’s Watches Line

Nicolas Beau DAMAN Chanel Insider

HAUTE STUFF. Lending his savoir-faire to Chanel watches, Nicolas Beau proves how disruptive creativity is the key to succeed Nicolas … [Read more...]

News: Chanel’s Little Black Jacket Exhibition and Book


BLACK MAGIC. Women have fallen under its spell, and now men have proven to be equally defenseless when it comes to resisting Chanel’s … [Read more...]

DA MAN Darling: Nadila Ernesta

Dress by Red Valentino

Going with the flow. From playing a nerdy, bespectacled role to winning the Best Asian Supermodel in South Korea; actress Nadila Ernesta has … [Read more...]

DA MAN Fashion Spread: Young Hearts

94-101_Daniel Bruce

The quiet undercurrent of modern-day youthful rebellion, inspired by the teen angst in small-town USA, is alive and well in this fashion … [Read more...]

Exclusive Feature: Velove Vexia


V FOR VOLUPTUOUS. Actress Velove Vexia first turned everyone’s head when she starred in Olivia, an Indonesian TV show, as a girl disguised as … [Read more...]

DA MAN Darling: Kelly Tandiono, Bold & Beautiful


Top model Kelly Tandiono shows DA MAN a bluish bruise on her otherwise smooth inner knee and nonchalantly says, “I got this from paintballing … [Read more...]