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Watch Spread: Enjoy the Ride

Watch Spread: Enjoy the Ride

ENJOY THE RIDE. A man’s life is the sum of one’s experiences and adventures. Tudor encapsulates the latter in the DNA of its luxurious … [Read more...]

Watch Spread: Spy Master

Watch Spread: Spy Master

THE SPY MASTER. For 20 years, the Omega Seamaster has been part of the James Bond myth. Occasionally as part of the secret agent’s bag of … [Read more...]

DA MAN Style F/W ’15/’16 Cover Story: Wouter Peelen

DA MAN Style F/W '15/'16 Cover Story: Wouter Peelen

GO WITH THE FLOW. Fronting numerous campaigns with a big dose of confidence is Dutch model Wouter Peelen. For this issue of DA MAN Style, he opens … [Read more...]

Top 5 Looks from PIMFW Day 4

High fashion brands showed what they’ve got on the fourth day of Plaza Indonesia Men’s Fashion Week (PIMFW) 2015   After … [Read more...]

Style FAQ: What are the things I should pay attention to when buying formal shoes?


WHAT ARE THE THINGS I SHOULD PAY ATTENTION TO WHEN BUYING FORMAL SHOES? There are actually several types of formal shoes. But since the definition … [Read more...]

Style FAQ: How many kinds of lapels are there?


HOW MANY KINDS OF LAPELS ARE THERE? Lapels are basically the face of your suits. They are one of the make-it-or-break-it factors of your look. The … [Read more...]