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Exclusive Feature: William Moseley Raps About “The Veil,” “The Royals” and Helping Others


AGENT OF CHANGE. Growing up, William Moseley used to love films about a hero who triumphs against all odds. He is proud to be one now. DA MAN … [Read more...]

DVD: Vampire Movies

Daman DVD vampire movies

FANG-TASTIC FLICKS. A cinematic history lesson for fans of bloodthirsty tv series such as “True Blood,” here are some classics of the vampire … [Read more...]

Grooming: 5 Celebrity Hairstyles to Emulate

Kit Harrington

If you’re thinking of taking on a new look in the hair department, it’s usually best to decide which one you’re after before you head to … [Read more...]

A way to the Perfect Moustache: A Roundup of Shaving Tools


State of the ‘Stache. Some people think that the moustache makes the man. Some even believe that a moustache can make a very real impact … [Read more...]

“The Tree of Life” Review

the_tree_of_life_SEAN PENN

Three of the biggest and most talented names in Hollywood, Sean Penn, Brad Pitt and Terrence Malick, seek high and low for the meaning of life in … [Read more...]

Garrett Hedlund Pictures & Interview

1- garrett Hedlund for DA MAN

Check out these Garrett Hedlund Pictures & Interview, exclusively from DA MAN fashion magazine. It's Garrett Time! After a couple years out … [Read more...]