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ART: The Art Department at The Goods Dept


CAUGHT IN THE ART. Hogi Wirjono talks about The Art Department at The Goods Dept and its future direction The front display Affordable artwork displayed in a relaxed setting where eclectic Jakartan cliques hang out-this is what The Art Department is all about. Much more than just an ordinary … [Read more...]

Art (Marco Cassini)


PORTRAITS OF AN ARTIST. DA MAN catches up with Italian artist Marco Cassini in Bali following his latest exhibition at BIASA Artspace. “CHANC Project 02” (2014) Fresh from this summer’s “Portraits from the Stockroom” exhibition at BIASA Artspace in Seminyak, Marco Cassini is a man to … [Read more...]

Art: Galeri Indonesia Kaya


ARTSY TECH. The diversity of Indonesian arts, tradition and cultures is a great asset that inevitably bestows a great responsibility for the country to bear. Among the few that carry that task on their shoulders, Bakti Budaya Djarum Foundation is one that never rests on its laurels. Wayang … [Read more...]

Art: Uji Handoko Eko Saputro


WIT ART THOU. For Uji Handoko Eko Saputro or Hahan, the world is a playground. Flippantly interpreting the social issues around him, Hahan generates impressively wicked artworks that frequently raise eyebrows. Yes I'm Diameter (2013) His boldness is also evident in his themes: “New Cock on … [Read more...]

DVDs: Art Documentaries


FOR ART'S SAKE. These are four art documentaries that will pique your artistic interest. Exit through the Gift Shop Stars: Thierry Guetta, Banksy, Shepard Fairey, Invader, André Director: Banksy Graffiti has gone a long way from street side to galleries, so Banksy believes. The pseudonymous … [Read more...]

Art: Eko Nugroho


THE LIGHT ON EKO. Eko Nugroho is no stranger to both art and fashion spheres. Having exhibited his works in Singapore, Venice, California, Hong Kong and Berlin, among others, Nugroho’s artwork is identical with socio-political issues and becomes one of the most sought-after Indonesian … [Read more...]