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Buckles are back! A round-up of this season’s buckled shoes


Shoe buckles used to be the must-have items for men in the 17th century—along with stockings, ruffled shirts and big wigs. While the trend of … [Read more...]

John Hardy: Double Dragon

360 Essentials2

John Hardy’s iconic dragon-inspired Naga collection has always been one of the jeweler’s standouts and the fall-winter 2012 version of Naga … [Read more...]

Gadget Review: Dell’s XPS 13


POWER IN A SMALL PACKAGE. Dell’s opening salvo into the ultrabook market is its ultra-portable XPS 13 laptop. … [Read more...]

DVD Review – Spartacus: Vengeance


The latest season of the Starz original series makes for a bloody good comeback. The team behind swords and sandals soap opera Spartacus had … [Read more...]

Movie Review: Rock Of Ages


Based on the hit Broadway musical of the same name, Rock of Ages brings a glam-rock vibe from the 1980s to the here-and now. The movie is … [Read more...]

Gadget Review: Olympus OM-D

Olympus OM-D

Putting together sophisticated photographic and stabilization for both photo and movie shooting in one single device, the Olympus OM-D is … [Read more...]