TAG Heuer S3 is Your Ticket to Zero Gravity

This TAG Heuer timepiece is too cool to be just a “watch”


TAG Heuer S3


Various inventions in the watchmaking arena have made it possible for a piece of wristwatch to become more than a mere object to tell the time. And let’s be honest here; there are cases where a luxury watch is fixed with a really cool function that nobody really needs in real life.

The new TAG Heuer S3, though, is nothing like you’ve experienced before.

More than just a watch, it is also a ticket. And not just any ticket. It’s a boarding pass to the first S3 (short for Swiss Space Systems) ZeroG or zero gravity flights that will take off in December this year. Each flight will take around two hours, and the passengers will get to spend 20 to 25 seconds of it in zero gravity. The first 25 seconds on the minute track of the watch-slash-boarding pass are coated in red to signify this.


TAG Heuer S3 case back


Inside, TAG Heuer S3 is completed with a Formula 1 Chronograph quartz movement. The case back is engraved with the plane’s curvy path.

The downside of this watch? It’s only available for VIP and Premium passengers.