Style FAQ: What are mandarin collars?

WHAT ARE MANDARIN COLLARS? Also known as the band collar, a mandarin collar is made up of a single band that encircles the neck. Unlike standard collars, a mandarin collar doesn’t come with collar points



Armani Collezioni, Etro


Mandarin collars shouldn’t be confused with the flipped collar found in Mao suits, although they do have a similar origin: The mandarin collar was popularized during Mao Tse Tung’s regime in China. It’s easy to see why the trend manages to stand the test of time: not only does the mandarin collar free its wearer from the constraint of ties, it also easily fits most dressing styles. You can try pairing it with a jacket for a formal look, or try unbuttoning one or two of the topmost buttons to achieve a casual daytime look.