Style FAQ: Are vests still in?

ARE VESTS STILL IN? Regardless of whether you chose to call it a vest or a waistcoat, this additional layer between your shirt and blazer or coat has never actually gone out of style.


As part of a three-piece suit, vests are essential to complement any formal ensemble and to keep you warm during cold days. Of course, you can also pair them with only a shirt or t-shirt to pull off a rather casual look. every season, vests arrive in a bunch of colors and varying shapes and cuts. the most important tip on how to sport a vest: always leave the lowest button undone and wear a well-fitting shirt to prevent it from peeking out from the back of the vest.


  • The shoulder part should lie flat on your shoulder.
  • The V shape of a buttoned-up vest should be visible when the vest is worn under a blazer.
  • The vest should be long enough to cover your waist.
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