Simon Baker Continues to be a Gentleman for Givenchy

The actor returns as the face of Givenchy’s newest men’s fragrance


simon baker for givenchy gentlemen only absolute men's fragrance


Givenchy recently launched Gentlemen Only Absolute, the latest incarnation of its Gentlemen fragrance series, and with it, an accompanying ad campaign. At the center of the campaign is none other than Australian actor Simon Baker. A familiar face to the French fashion house, Baker has been fronting the campaigns for men’s fragrances by Givenchy since it introduced the Gentlemen Only in 2013.

The new campaign sees a tuxedo-clad Baker, the very personification of a gentleman, hold the elevator door for, we presume, the two ladies standing behind him. Side note: This shows that a gentleman has great elevator etiquette and always holds the door (insert a Game of Thrones joke here).


givenchy gentlemen only absolute men's fragrance


Made for refined and sophisticated men, Gentlemen Only Absolute is composed of bergamot (top note), a mix of spices (heart notes) and combination of sandalwood and vanilla (base notes). The fragrance comes with a lacquered black bottle.