Show Must Go On: Berluti to Open First Store in Indonesia After Alessandro Sartori’s Departure

THE SHOE MAKETH THE MAN. “Berluti has been making shoes for elegant men since 1895.” That line alone should suffice in describing the legacy and craftsmanship of the Parisian shoemaker


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Over the course of a century, the brand has perfected its leather-working craft and patina techniques, effortlessly blending tradition and modernity in each and every creation.


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This year, Berluti finally opens its first store in Indonesia at Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta. The venue’s appearance is punctuated by smooth wood paneling, black veined marble and Venezia leather, making it the perfect destination for the dapper gentlemen of Jakarta looking for reliable, comfortable and characterful footwear.


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Alessandro oxford shoes and Alessio loafers are at the top of our go-to picks from the brand, as the two models perfectly embody the hallmarks of the Berluti touch.