Scent: Day Fragrances from Lacoste, Trussardi, Cartier and Comme des Garçons

A SPECIAL ROUNDUP: SEIZE THE DAY. The right scent can add the right notes to your daytime escapades


Which fragrance would you wear to the office? Despite the variety of scents available, it’s best to steer clear from intense woody aromas save them for the evening instead. Opt for day fragrances that come with either citrusy or aquatic notes. Such olfactory blends will have you smelling fresh and energetic all day long. For the young and young-atheart,

1.Lacoste Live mixes aquatic punches with tranquil woody whiffs. Alternatively,



2.Trussardi A Way for Him marries fresh fruity notes and woody odors.



3.Cartier Declaration L’Eau opens with a citrusy zest and follows it up with mild spices, making it perfect for a late-afternoon rendezvous. Yet another trendy that deserves recognition for its versatility is



4.Comme des Garçons’ Serpentine, a so-called “urban” fragrance that daringly lists down asphalt among its distinctive ingredients. With a dewy grassy tang and musky accents, this unisex number would fragrantly suit the artsy fellow.


Comme des Garçons

Photography Mitchell Nguyen McCormack
Styling Juliet Vo