Scent: BOSS The Scent by Hugo Boss

WHO’S THE BOSS. In the realm of olfactory nuances, Hugo Boss has undoubtedly been constantly popping up on the fragrance connoisseurs’ radar




Its latest offering, laconically called “BOSS The Scent,” might come a little bit surprising. Despite the already wide-ranging slate of selections to date, Hugo Boss does not really foray into new territory for this scent. It mixes spicy ginger for the top note, followed by a hearty fragrance from the Maninka fruit and a base note of burnished leather. At first whiff, this translates into a somewhat dime-in-a-dozen impression. But it lasts longer and does resonate with firm masculinity and confidence. In today’s world of limitless olfactory offerings, BOSS The Scent looks to be a safe player that sticks to what most men as well as the womenfolk always find pleasantly familiar.