Scent: Balmain Homme Eau de Toilette

POWER PLAY. The rise of Balmain has also spread to the realms of perfumery. The new Balmain Homme eau de toilette comes intact with salient details on the flacon that instantly catches the eye




The blue midnight bottle with miniaturized military epaulettes and eagle-inspired sculpture on top of the cap is designer Olivier Rousteing’s signature. But it was another Olivier—Olivier Pescheux—who did the “stiches and sowing” of the fragrance concoction. Oozing a refined woody aroma, the Balmain Homme is an excellent choice for evening occasions, including romantic date nights. There is a subtle yet alluring trace of spices that is sure to attract attention. Although this is not the fashion house’s fragrance debut for men, it’s definitely a nod to Rousteing’s sublime taste for finery.