Robby Purba’s Travel Essentials for Exploring Indonesia

PACK UP AND GO. TV host and travel enthusiast Robby Purba shares his tips on what necessities to pack for traveling in Eastern Indonesia and gives his tricks for good Instagram posts


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Speaking to Robby Purba feels like standing with him on the stage of “X Factor Indonesia,” where Purba made his name as television host. For one, like all good hosts, he has a really great laugh. He also talks openly and honestly, even about the perks he gets from a certain brand that’s been endorsing him. And he seems to be excited about everything, especially traveling, hosting and hosting while traveling.


DA MAN: Did your love for travel grow from hosting “X Factor” auditions around Indonesia?
Robby Purba: I have always loved traveling and, coincidentally, I can market this hobby to clients. [Laughs] Since three years ago, I’ve been exploring Eastern Indonesia.

DA MAN: Why Eastern Indonesia?
Robby Purba: It’s more about appreciating my own country. Of course, we’re all allowed to admire other countries, to appreciate their natural beauty. But it’s such a shame if we don’t take a chance to really delve into what we have right here. Why not discover what’s inside first before looking outside?

DA MAN: What are your travel essentials?
Robby Purba: Smartphone. [Laughs] I don’t usually bring a big camera, just a smartphone because traveling for me is about chasing time, so I just want to snap pictures quickly and then post them immediately. Secondly, antacids. [Laughs] When I visit a particular area, the local food may upset my stomach or whatnot, so I have to take a couple of antacid tablets. Then, I usually bring several shoes with me. The way I see it, I can always wash and dry my clothes, especially since it’s impossible to take suitcases to a place like Eastern Indonesia. So, I will bring two to three shoes, for the sake of my feet. When I come across wet roads, it takes a long time to dry my shoes afterwards, so it’s better to have a couple of backups. The fourth one is my travel attire, which mostly consists of T-shirts.



“It’s more about appreciating my own country. It’s such a shame if we don’t take a chance to really delve into what we have right here”



DA MAN: What about your everyday style?
Robby Purba: I would say my style is smart casual. I have this “classic oldies” face, so I don’t think streetwear suits me. I prefer wearing jeans and sneakers with a non-skinny shirt. When I go to events, I feel it’s impractical to wear my “X Factor” ensemble with formal suit and tie. So, I will just wear a suit with T-shirt underneath.

DA MAN: Your pictures on Instagram are really nice. Do you have any tips on how to take great photos for social media?
Robby Purba: Use Oppo! Wait, am I allowed to promote products here? [Laughs] For me, the trick is in the product I’m using. I like smartphones that can take pictures in a flash. It just so happens that the one I have can take one picture in 0.1 seconds. Imagine how fast that is. It all comes down to the angle you choose and the way you crop images. Sometimes, I see photoshopped pictures on other people’s Instagram feeds, and I just don’t like them, because they don’t look natural. They look good, but before you know it you have people asking things like “do the clouds in Bali really look like that?” and it becomes a lie. Especially since I represent a product, I don’t want to fool people. So, it’s all about cropping and angles!




Text M. Berlian
Photography Haruns Maharbina