Revisit 10 Great Men For 10th Anniversary

THE RESTAURATEUR. Model-turned-actor Dion Wiyoko is still in the acting and presenting business. But now, like many of his peers, he has added “entrepreneur” to his CV


Outfit by Hugo Boss

“I’ve wanted to open my own business for a long time, but I was still alone and I couldn’t really focus on planning” he begins. “Finally, two years ago a friend of mine who already has a restaurant abroad asked me to join him. We’ve been running our venture for a year now, and so far, so good.” While Wiyoko handled the marketing side of the restaurant, his friend took over management and operations. “If I hadn’t found a partner that is this compatible with me,” he professed, “I probably wouldn’t have been this successful.”

The self-professed photography and travel enthusiast has also been quite busy on social media, especially Instagram. “Since I’ve been controlling what appears on my social media feeds since the beginning, they’ve become a great tool for positioning,” Wiyoko elaborates. “When clients ask me to be their buzzer, it all goes back to my well-maintained feeds.”

He does have big plans beyond restaurants and Instagram, however. “This year, I’m getting married,” he exclaims with a smile.

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