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SIDE TO SIDE. “After nine years in music,” Afgansyah Reza begins, “I did a three-country tour in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore”


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That was last year, after the singer—popularly known as Afgan—released his fourth album, titled “Sides.” “This year, I’ll start touring again in April,” he continues. “First in Malaysia again, then Singapore again, then maybe after the Lebaran holidays I’ll set up a tour across Java and Bali.”

So, why was it that prompted a successful—and obviously busy—singer like Afgan to hit the road? Apparently it all boils down to the current state of music, where albums no longer sell. At least not as well as it used to be. “So, in a way, it’s like I’m busking from town to town to introduce my new album,” he explains. “So, I look at this tour as one of the support factors to make people aware that I do have a new album.” Still, he’s not against progress. “I’m really thankful for streaming apps like Yonder, Spotify and so on,” he admits cheerfully.

Perhaps that attitude fits really well with the theme of “Sides,” which speaks a lot about Afgan’s personality. “I’m a Gemini,” the singer shares with a smile, “so I have two sides, and in this album, that’s exactly what I’m showing. Half of the album is idealistic, the other half are the ballads that people expect from me.” If anything, that certainly shows a new level of confidence from the soft-spoken artist.

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