Revisit 10 Great Men For 10th Anniversary

ALL THAT JAZZ. “I’m currently preparing a new album,” says pop and R&B singer Marcell Siahaan. “A jazz standard album. This is something quite new to me”


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But perhaps something new is quite appropriate to mark his 15th year in the business of making music. He also explains that he’s collaborating with a number of underrated, but phenomenal, jazz musicians to bring back his favorite kinds of music from the 1990s.

His main emphasis, it would seem, is the courage to “reboot” oneself. “This is so that we can add new elements which are more creative and just plain better, so that we can make ourselves better,” Siahaan says, before pointing out that for him, success is just a bonus.

He’s also quite aware of where the wind will blow in the days ahead. “Right now, the music industry is growing really fast,” he elaborates, “and we’re also transitioning into the digital age.” The singer-slash-drummer who will turn 40 later this year also acknowledges how fast growth also translates into shorter attention spans. “So, whether we like it or not, our challenge is to create as much content as possible,” he concludes.

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