Rag & Bone Reveals Campaign Featuring Mark Hamill

The Force is strong with this one


Rag & Bone Men's Project Mark Hamill-1


Rag & Bone‘s Men’s Project series was launched last June with the unveiling of campaign image and film featuring actor John Turturro of “Transformers” fame. Like we mentioned in the previous post about this campaign, Men’s Project consists of photographs and videos of nine brand ambassadors, and they will be published ongoingly throughout the year.

The brand has recently revealed the next images in the series, and they star none other than Mark Hamill aka Luke Skywalker himself.


Rag & Bone Men's Project Mark Hamill-2


In an accompanying video, Hamill gets deep about Hollywood heroes such as the iconic character he plays. “Mark Hamill will die, but Luke Skywalker won’t,” he says.



Besides Hamill and Turturro, Harvey Keitel will be another actor listed in this project. The other ambassadors are musicians Mauro Refosco, Honor Titus, Wiz Khalifa and Joey Waronker; photographer David Flinn; and ballet dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov.