Rag & Bone Launches 8 Fragrances at the Same Time

Introducing Rag & Bone’s debut fragrance line


rag & bone fragrance - oddity


Rag & Bone doesn’t hold back.

This is the brand’s first time to launch a fragrance collection, and it has decided to release eight eau de parfum at the same time.

Made for both men and women, the scents come in classic glass bottles. Also classic are the themes of the collection, which comprise Amber, Rose, Oud, Oddity, Neroli, Encens, Cypress and Bergamot.


rag & bone fragrance - amberrag & bone fragrance - bergamotrag & bone fragrance - cypressrag & bone fragrance - encens


rag & bone fragrance - nerolirag & bone fragrance - oddityrag & bone fragrance - oudrag & bone fragrance - rose


While they seem and sound pretty basic for a brand as edgy as Rag & Bone, co-founder Marcus Wainwright explains that each of the fragrances is created to represent every customer. “We did what we do with the clothes, essentially, which was to take the most simple idea and try to twist it just a little without taking them to a whole different zone. And that’s also why they’re called very simple names instead of taking them to Portofino or wherever,” Wainwright says in an interview with W.

One thing for certain, there’s definitely something for everybody in this fragrance collection.

All of the fragrances are available at Rag & Bone’s stores and website.