Presenting Our DAMAN October/November 2018 Issue with British Actor Ben Hardy on the Cover

The latest issue of your favorite men’s lifestyle magazine have hit the  newsstands – featuring British up-and-coming actor Ben Hardy on the cover.

Actor Ben Hardy on the cover; outfit by Louis Vuitton

A message from our Publisher/ Editor-in-Chief Ronald Liem

Why do we feature celebrities in magazines? It’s on old question’a bit of cliché, even. The usual answer is also quite clichéd: Because they serve as our role models. But in this day and age, where gossip is a commodity and every Tweet, photo or caption is scrutinized at the speed of light, is it still relevant to say that actors, singers and other public figures are people worth parading as paragons that we should imitate?

The short answer is: yes.

And now for the long answer. The thing with role models is that they are not meant to be imitated. They are meant to inspire. Or to put it in another way: You don’t imitate the lives of your role models—you imitate their attitude. Some would say that this is just a matter of semantics, but I would argue that this distinction is important, and that is why we feature the people we feature.

When you move past the stylish photos and the stories of success, we often find the driving force behind that success. Take, for example, our second-time DAMAN Darling Mentari de Marelle, who freely talks about taking the time to find herself during a time of uncertainty. Or our cover boy Ben Hardy, who took “taking a crash course in preparation for a movie role” to a whole different level. If that’s not a textbook definition of determination, I don’t know what is.

Again, these stories might seem overly simplistic, clichéd or even naïve. But the simple fact is, we actually need simple yet inspiring stories—now more than ever. That’s why we carry the tales of Mentari de Marelle and Ben Hardy, Ario Bayu and Cameron Cuffe, and many more. And as always, we invite you to find your own bits of inspiration in the pages to come and also as we tell them in smaller bits through our social media accounts and expand them through videos and online features. Happy reading.

What’s Inside DAMAN October/November 2018 Issue

HE WILL, HE WILL ROCK YOU! – Ben Hardy tells us what’s it like–and what it takes–to play a legendary musician in the upcoming box office hit “Bohemian Rhapsody”
Photography Mitchell Nguyen McCormack

FIRST GENERATION SUPERHERO – Can Superman’s grandfather be cooler than Superman? Cameron Cuffe, who plays the latter in “Krypton,” certainly makes it look that way
Photography Mitchell Nguyen McCormack

ONE ARTIST, MULTIPLE TALENTS –  DAMAN chats with multi-talented American actor Grey Damon about hit TV series “Station 19,” the show’s upcoming new season and more
Photography Jalen Turner

HITTING HARD – Actor Ario Bayu chats with DAMAN’s Riga Ramadhan about playing in the collosal film “Sultan
Agung” and his contribution to the local film industry
Photography Robby Agus

SOUL SEARCHING – Mentari De Marelle returns as DAMAN Darling and chats again with us about her most recent films and her recent journey of self-discovery
Photography Zaky Akbar

FROM THE WEB – From primetime TV regulars to stars in blockbuster hits, here are some of Hollywood’s most
celebrated rising talents featured on DAMAN’s website
Photography Jalen Turner, Angel V. Prado

ARTS AND CRAFTS –  Rustic moods meets refined elegance in Loewe’s eccentric fall/ winter collection as the Spanish luxury fashion house draws upon the idea of restrained masculinity and refined craftsmanship
Photography Ronald Liem

COLD PLAY – Combining smart tailoring with street wear sensibilities and sportswear influences, Louis Vuitton Men’s fall/winter 2018 collection highlighted the French brand’s enduring travel heritage
Photography Vicky Tanzil

THE GREAT OUTDOORS – From warm ambers and moss greens to cozy knits, modern plaid and classic checkss, bundle up this fall in layers of comfortable –and fashionable– countryside styles
Photography Andre Wiredja

OLD TOWN GLORY – In one of the most celebrated contradictions in fashion, the classic tones of fall styles blend in with the seasonal landscape while allowing the wearer to really stand out among the press of urban dwellers
Photography Oltin Dogaru

MAN OF THE NIGHT – As fall evenings call us out to explore the city, don’t forget to dress for the occasion. The season’s full range of colors and patterns provide the perfect wardrobe for trips after twilight
Photography Advan Matthew