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Prada Launches L’Homme & La Femme Fragrances [Updated]

In the name of equality


prada fragrance


Prada recently unveiled its two latest fragrances, L’Homme Prada and La Femme Prada, to coincide with Milan Fashion Week spring/summer 2017 edition.

Despite the gender-defining noun, though, L’Homme Prada is not exactly for man; and vice versa, to call La Femme Prada a women’s fragrance is not entirely true. The two fragrances were launched together because they’re supposed to complete each other. The two bottles are even designed in such a way so that they will fit each other when facing each other.


prada l'homme prada fragrance-2


Black-and-silver with black leather around its back, the bottle of L’Homme Prada keeps inside it a modern scent that mixes notes of iris, amber and geranium. While La Femme Prada is designed to shy away from the general idea of femininity, blending notes of frangipani (a classic Italian flower) with vanilla and ylang-ylang. La Femme Prada is presented in a white-and-gold bottle, with white leather around its back.


prada la femme prada fragrance-2


Following the unveiling, Prada will soon launch an accompanying campaign, which features young talents. L’Homme Prada will be represented by Ansel Elgort and Dane DeHaan, while Mia Goth and Mia Wasikowska will become the faces of La Femme Prada. The campaign will be shot by Steven Meisel.


Update: The men’s campaign is here. See Elgort and DeHaan’s pictures below.


Ansel Elgort for Prada L'Homme fragrance-1


Ansel Elgort for Prada L'Homme fragrance-2


Ansel Elgort for Prada L'Homme fragrance-3


Dane DeHaan for Prada L'Homme fragrance-1


Dane DeHaan for Prada L'Homme fragrance-2


Dane DeHaan for Prada L'Homme fragrance-3





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