Philippe Starck’s Latest Design is a Fragrance Line

We’re used to seeing fashion designers entering the world of fragrances. A fragrance from an interior, product and architectural designer, though… That’s a different story altogether


Philippe Starck Fragrances Peau de Soie, Peau de Pierre and Peau D’Ailleurs-2


Then again, how can you expect anything less from Philippe Starck?

The world-renowned French designer will launch a series of three fragrances next week at Neiman Marcus, WWD reports. This collection is the first one to be launched under Starck Paris after he teamed up with Perfumes y Diseño Group back in 2013.

The fragrance collection will comprise three eau de parfum: Peau de Pierre for men, Peau de Soie for women and Peau d’Ailleurs for both (unisex).


Philippe Starck Fragrance Peau de Pierre for Men
Philippe Starck’s Peau de Pierre


Regarding the inspiration behind Peau de Soie, Starck has mentioned that the fragrance smeels like “elsewhere” and remarked that “I’m a dreamer. Since I’m born, I’ve [felt like I’m] not in the real life, [like] I’m flying nonstop without limit. It’s not very comfortable.”

Confused? So are we. One thing we’re certain of, though, the fragrance collection will be as unique and special as Starck’s designs.

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