Open House: Cartier Occupies Italian Palace to Introduce “Drive de Cartier” Watch

ROYAL DRIVE. A royal night out is prepared for the French maison’s latest ticking creation for men: Drive de Cartier


Drive de Cartier event in Florence - Special guest Edgar Ramirez_9447
Édgar Ramirez


While it doesn’t look as lavish as some other palaces, the Palazzo Gondi in the heart of Florence, Italy is not the one to be taken lightly. For one, it’s said that the Leonardo da Vinci had stayed and painted the “Mona Lisa” inside one of the parts in the palace.

On June 14 to 16, 2016, the Palazzo had, once again, became the center for artists when Cartier occupied the palace to introduce its latest men’s watch, Drive de Cartier. We said “occupied” because Cartier actually turned the palace into a “house;” most specifically, the house of a Drive de Cartier man.


Drive de Cartier event in Florence - the entrance_VLappartient_7913

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