News: Salvatore Ferragamo Launches Two Made-to-Order Services

SHOES AND TIES. Salvatore Ferragamo has been widely known for its exceptional leather products. The brand’s iconic driving shoes, in particular, have gained a loyal following, thanks to its timeless design and comfort.





Recently, the brand launched a made-to-order service that allows customers to choose over 100 combinations of leather, sole construction and Gancio metal hardware to create their own version of the shoes. To celebrate the service’s debut, the Italian brand tapped three individuals racecar driver Mathias Lauda, SoundCloud co-founder Alexander Ljung and photographercum-model Johannes Huebl to star in both a photo and a video campaign. Ties, another popular accessory under the Ferragamo umbrella, also received the customization treatment. With 12 styles, 50 colorways and two additional new lengths to select from, customers are encouraged to “design” their own neckpiece according to their personal taste. A series of short films titled “Tie Story” starring stylish Italian men discussing ties Scan and styles were created to mark this new milestone.