Naomi Campbell & Justin Levy Front Givenchy Jeans’ Spring/Summer 2017 Campaign

Stop us if you’ve seen this before



A female supermodel wearing a pair of denim trousers (and nothing else) being carried by a male model on his shoulders. Does this description ring any bells? Of course it does. It has been the concept of Givenchy Jeans‘ ad campaigns for the last four seasons.

This spring/summer, the brand returns with a new campaign, which features the familiar image once again. The black-and-white campaign, shot by photography duo Luigi & Tango, is minimalist at best. Then again, you don’t need to add anything more when you have Naomi Campbell as the face of your campaign, do you? Plus, the styling is managed by another fashion icon, Carine Roitfeld.

The legendary supermodel is accompanied by male model Justin Levy. The campaign also includes individual images of Campbell and Levy in Givenchy Jeans’ various denim options.

See the following pages for more images and behind-the-scenes videos.

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