Music: New Albums to Anticipate in October and November 2015





British brother duo Howard and Guy Lawrence catapulted themselves to global stardom with their debut album “Settle” a couple of years back.

But the siblings are now back with a vengeance, believing that “Settle” leaned more toward pop rather than the pumping club beats they’re both actually into. That’s why “Caracal” is bigger, groovier and makes Disclosure feel completely fresh and young. Vocal powerhouse Sam Smith jammed in, and even Lorde had a hand in this muchanticipated record. By the way, the word “Caracal” actually refers to a type of wildcat with black tufted ears found in African and Asian deserts. Which is quite fitting, as Disclosure is definitely one cool cat. Or should that be two cool cats?

Owl City


The fifth album from Owl City, an electronic music project by Adam Young, is a “feel-good” commercial pop record that seems to have been eclipsed by the deafening popularity of EDM. Singles like “Verge” and “Unbelievable” the latter features ’90s pop band Hanson are bubbling with cheerful tunes that would surely attract legions of teenyboppers. Interestingly, explicit Christian references are quite apparent in the lyrics of “My Everything.” Yes, the beats are catchy, but the whole album might prove to be a bit too cliché for a grownup audience.

Tame Impala


Indie bands hailing from Down Under are no stranger to making it big in the alternative music genre. Consistently on the radar is Tame Impala. Their newest album “Currents” leans heavily on synthesizers and keyboard play. On a listen, there is raw originality in the music, especially the earcatchy opening track, “Let It Happen.” But a little more musical variety doesn’t hurt.



Synthpop is making a strong comeback nowadays, and Scottish electronic band Chvrches decided to strike while the iron’s hot. Following the successful single “The Mother We Share,” the sophomore album has vocalist Lauren Mayberry match her beautiful voice to tastefully electronic beats. It is not hard to see that Chvrches is going to make it big in the game very soon.

Beach House


Already titillating loyal fans with the eerie-sounding number “Sparks,” Baltimore dream pop duo Beach House finally came back with their fifth LP. This is a decidedly simpler take on musical instrument layering, but, Beach House being Beach House, the meticulous choice of sounds take the imagination miles away. Some of them were sounds detected by coincidence during the recording, including the haunting noises in the first minute of “Sparks.”