Moncler Gets Animated in Retro Game-Inspired Video

Moncler launches a modern vintage video to promote its Athletic Attitude line


moncler atheltic attitude video games 80s 8bit old school retro


For those of you who are old enough to remember playing old-school Nintendo video games with 8-bit pixelated graphics, you’re going to love this video from Moncler. And if you’re too young to remember that, well, we’re sure you’ll love it too.

Because, who doesn’t love video games?

Moncler has released the playful video as a way to introduce its activewear collection, Athletic Attitude, which is also available online on the brand’s official website.

The video shows two animated human tennis players competing in a match; a polar bear and penguin serve as the umpire and ball boy respectively. And if you look closely, the players in the video the players donned clothing pieces from Moncler’s Athletic Attitude collection.


moncler atheltic attitude video games 80s 8bit old school retro-2
Left: Screenshot from the video;
Right: Polo shirt from the Athletic Attitude collection


Watch the full video here: