Mischa Chandrawinata Enjoys Dubai

UNFORGETTABLE DESERT DESTINATION. If you thought deserts were just filled with sand and an odd oasis here and there, you must have never been to Dubai

Indonesian celebrity Mischa Chandrawinata visits Dubai for the opportunity to experience and explore the best that the coastal desert city has to offer. With sunshine all year long combined with the a dramatic desert landscape plus a stunning stretch of beach, Dubai not only promises a great place for a holiday to rest and relax, but is also an adrenaline-junky getaway.

As Mischa shows, you can go sky-diving or even cruise the desert dunes in a classic Land Rover plus a whole lot more fun activities designed to keep your heart pumping at a fast pace. Traveling foodies will also get a kick out of visiting Dubai, as many celebrity chefs target the city as a must-visit destination for luxury dining. Mischa samples Gordon Ramsey’s renowned Beef Wellington at Bread Street Kitchen found in Atlantis, The Palm.

If you are looking for an unforgettable trip for your next holiday, make Dubai your next destination.