Massimo Dutti’s Earthy Summer Tones

SUBTLE COLORS OF SUMMER. Massimo Dutti continues its “A Visual Journey” campaign for spring/summer 2017 with “The Pursuit of Nature” collection

Summer Colors

The campaign for the summer 2017 collection by Massimo Dutti was shot in the Mayan city of Tanum, Mexico, by Claudia Knoepfel and starring models like Mathias Lauridsen and Alex Cunha, the collection is dominated by lightweight fabrics and earth tones, like the bright-pink shirt paired with cream-colored Bermuda shorts, or the Tuscan yellow shirt paired with white clean trousers. All in all, the clothes fashionably capture the vibrant colors of summer. Same goes for its forest green linen blazer and trousers that’ll make you feel bold and adventurous as you prepare for another exciting journey in the open-air.