Lucky Blue Smith Gives a #NoFilter Interview for DA MAN Style

Tim Chan: What do you enjoy most from modeling? What things do you dislike?
Lucky Blue Smith: I love the traveling part of modeling, and getting to meet such amazing people. There’s really not much at all that bugs me about it. I’m really blessed to be able to do this and be in this industry.

Tim Chan: What is the best destination you’ve ever visited for work?
Lucky Blue Smith: Iceland was so rad! Everyone needs to go there.

Tim Chan: You’re very active on social media. What do you think about the influence of social media on models and their careers these days? What do you think about privacy issues?
Lucky Blue Smith: I think it’s definitely helped models to be active on social media, but it’s also helped designers as well. Being on social media doesn’t always have to mean losing your privacy: Just because you’re on it, it doesn’t mean you have to let everyone know everything about you.

Tim Chan: How often do you check your social media accounts? Do you read all the comments?
Lucky Blue Smith: I check it a bunch throughout the day. I mean there’s a lot to check up on. I don’t really read the comments that much, though. Sometimes there can be some pretty gnarly comments on there!


Lucky Blue Smith in trousers by astrid andersen, accessories by luis Morais
Trousers by Astrid Andersen, accessories by Luis Morais


Tim Chan: Your siblings also work in the modeling industry. Does this benefit you in one way or another?
Lucky Blue Smith: Yes, I am very, very close to my siblings, and being in this industry with them helps a lot.

Tim Chan: You play drums in The Atomics band. Can you give us a taste of what is coming up, music-wise?
Lucky Blue Smith: There is so much about to come out this month. I can’t give you guys any dates, but just be ready for some killer music.

Tim Chan: Tell us about your film role in “Love Everlasting”? Is acting something you want to actively pursue?
Lucky Blue Smith: “Love Everlasting” was my first experience being in a movie, and I was lucky enough to be given the lead role. I was really attracted to the story: It’s about true love and inner beauty, which I’m really drawn to. As for acting, I would love to be in a movie like “The Breakfast Club.”

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