Louis Vuitton’s Island Inspired Collection

ISLAND-HOPPING DESIGNS. Louis Vuitton’s creative lead Kim Jones sought inspiration from the islands for the spring/summer 2018 collection


As the hot humid heat filled the plastic tent that was to showcase Kim Jones latest designs for Louis Vuitton’s spring/summer 2018 collection, many A-list attendees were doing their best to fan away the heat waiting for the show to start. The moment the air was filled with the tunes of Drake’s “Signs”, which was launched to coincide with the fashion show, did the male models begin their march down the runway.


For this collection, Jones stated in his notes that he looked to the islands for inspiration and this can be seen clearly by the vibrant colors used in several pieces that were reminiscent of classic Hawaiian shirts. The brightly colored shirts were paired with baggy coats and combined with ripstop pants, spandex shorts, with the occasional jogger or oversized dress pants to create a unique seasonal collection that seemed to catch the attention of the star-studded audience.

“Every single thing has the DNA of travel put inside it, so you have these really light jackets. They do have to work in the real world and we’re very much about authenticity here,” said Jones. “Every man can walk into a Vuitton store and find something for his lifestyle.”


A number of the eye catchy accessories, like bucket hats, bags, belts and sandals added an additional flair to the collection. Some of the standout pieces of for the season included the LV branded sandals, dual-colored Monogram Keepall and Monogram brown/blue waist bag, an olive raincoat, and a dark navy shirt with bold flower designs.


You can view the complete fashion show below: