Louis Vuitton to Reissue Outfits for Dover Street Market Ginza

Why do all cool things happen in Japan?


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Louis Vuitton’s men’s artistic director Kim Jones has once again taken to his favorite social media (in case you didn’t know, we’re referring to Instagram) to announce an exciting news.

Starting in September, a new space will be opened at Dover Street Market Ginza in Tokyo, Japan. This space will be dedicated to exclusive editions of some of the most favorite products from Louis Vuitton‘s collections from the last five years. One of the pieces you’ll be seeing is the reissued version of the patched jacket from spring/summer 2014 collection, as seen on Jones’ Instagram post above.

So those items you loved but somehow couldn’t get from three years ago? You might get a chance to purchase a cooler version of them this time! The catch is, you have to travel to Tokyo first, and we bet they won’t come cheap, either. But, hey! No pain no gain, right?

Other than the exclusive outfit pieces, the space will also house select leather goods by Louis Vuitton.