Louis Vuitton Goes Back in Time for LV Fifty Five Watch

BEST-CASE SCENARIO. Louis Vuitton, being the legendary trunk maker that it is, dug through its past archives to come up with a completely new watch line


LV Fifty Five  41mm steel bracelet


The LV Fifty Five is a solid looking round timepiece, secured with two metal plaques fronting the brand name on top and bottom of the case.

While the name “Fifty Five” is much related to the abundance of Roman numeral “V”s on the dial (and also stands for “Volez, voguez, voyagez”—the brand’s philosophy), the design itself draws inspiration from an old aluminum Louis Vuitton steamer case dating from 1892.

Yet not one, not two, but three variants of the LV Fifty Five have been revealed; the most appealing of which is the 41mm GMT Automatic version, with an anthracite-lacquered dial and eye-catching green GMT indexes.