Looking Good is Feeling Good: Mani/Pedi on Men

Getting yourself a manicure or pedicure doesn’t only make your hands and feet look great, but it can also leave you feeling great. DA MAN explains why they aren’t just for women.

When you’ve worked out regularly and have nice six-pack abs to show for it, you feel good. You feel confident and content. It’s also true for other parts of your body.
That same concept extends to your farthest extremities, the hands and feet. The fact remains that taking care of them — just like a good workout program — is quite beneficial in the end. By exfoliating dead skin and calluses, as well as getting rid of unsightly hangnails, you’ll not only be healthier, but also have better looking and smelling—hands and feet, which makes you feel good about yourself.
A guy that’s immaculately dressed and well-groomed also says a lot about overall style. And people notice. On the other side of the coin, people also notice ugly hands and feet, which is never a good thing.
Recent statistics tell us that a larger percentage of men have begun to pay more attention to personal grooming, but most don’t have their own products geared toward them. They end up relying on their sisters or girlfriends. That’s right; a lot of men, as much as 60 percent, use women’s grooming products. But that doesn’t have to be the case. A lot of good brands now have improved selections of men-oriented grooming products; home kits for manicures and pedicures are no exception.
One of Tweezerman’s most popular items is the Essential Grooming Kit. The nail clippers and pocket nail file are conveniently placed inside a classic-looking black pouch that’s portable; a perfect fit for mobile and active guys. An added bonus is the stainless-steel Tweezerette and Facial Hair Scissors in the kit.


Essential Grooming Kit from Tweezerman


Top photo: AARP.org/Naomi Harris