Living Review: BeoSound 5 Encore from Bang & Olufsen’s

CENTRAL HUB FOR MUSIC LOVE. BeoSound 5 Encore is Bang & Olufsen’s plug-n-play answer to a growing demand in the era of digital music: to have all your music available at all times without losing track or the quality of your collection.

Acting as an overarching sound hub, BeoSound 5 Encore gives access to your music – no matter how it is stored – with content conveniently arranged by album, artist, track or your favorites. It can browse and play music from a plethora of sources; a connected hard disc, a NAS server, a computer, a USB stick or a handheld device. And with support for music in lossless quality, you can enjoy all of your favorite tracks with perfect fidelity. The BeoSound 5 Encore also offers easy access to more than 13,000 internet radio stations from all over the world, and with every thinkable genre and language represented, you will always be able to find something suitable, regardless of what you are craving. The user interface was created by renowned designer Anders Hermansen, and it’s 10.4” display features a unique mixture of mechanical tactile elements and elegant graphics.