Levi’s Redefines Skinny Jeans with New Collection

Levi’s defies all odds with a new collection of skinny jeans


The new Levi's 501 Skinny.


Jeans have been enjoying their moment in the spotlight for a few seasons now. Understandably, Levi’s as the purveyor of denim doesn’t want to miss out.

The brand has been reworking its iconic 501 jeans since last year. And this December, it’s set to launch the new 501 Skinny, a denim collection for both men and women.

While you can call this move as a way for Levi’s to stay in touch with the current trend, interestingly, the brand also strays from it at the same time. Skinny jeans have been declared pretty much over, but Levi’s has decided to bring it to life again with the new collection.

“It’s basically the new normal,” says Jonathan Cheung, Levi’s Head of Design, as quoted from WWD. “It’s really good for showing off your footwear…”

For men wary of wearing skinny jeans, Cheung also adds that the 501 Skinny will offer a new kind of skinny that won’t look and feel like a jegging!


The new Levi's 501 Skinny.