Lacoste Hits an Ace with L.12.12 Shoe

THAT’S CLASSIC! For Lacoste and its founder, René Lacoste, twelfth time is the charm


LACOSTE-L.12.12-SHOE white blanc


It is said that it took the late French tennis player 12 attempts to invent and then perfect the L.12.12 polo shirt we’ve all come to know and love. Today, Lacoste brings back the same approach to create a footwear collection bearing the same name.




Just like the iconic polo shirt of yore, L.12.12 shoes are also designed with amazing breathability and excellent aesthetics. Inspired by René’s clean and crisp playing style on court, the shoes come in classic white.

But, of course, more modern-looking black, red, green and blue variants are also up for grabs.


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