Know-how: Oversized Comfort

OVERSIZED COMFORT. When you need a breaK from straight-cut pants, you can always switch things up by adopting a baggy cut

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Jacket by Z Zegna, sweater by Paul Smith, scarf by Dunhill London, Trousers by Comme Des Garçons, shoes by Jimmy Choo; Shirt and trousers by Comme Des Garçons, hat by Ted Baker, pouch by Bally, shoes by Tod’s; Turtleneck sweater by Dunhill London, blazer by Ted Baker, trousers by Comme Des Garçons, bag by Bally, shoes by Hugo Boss


To round off a casual look, you can’t go wrong with the always-refined neckerchief, a windbreaker and sneakers.


Baggy trousers with a luxe finish are for a bit of dressing up, especially for a monochromatic ensemble.


Keep it polished up top with a knitted turtleneck and blazer. A pair of classy shoes would go along nicely.


  • Mind The Cut
    The right cut can give you that perfect loose silhouette.
  • Belts For Baggies
    A good belt will help you keep your shape and add a stylish flair to your overall look.
  • Let It Out
    Do not be afraid to wear your top over your pants when they’re of the baggy sort.


  • Oversized Tops
    Balance the fullness of a pair of baggy pants with a fitted top.
  • Over-Accessorize
    The pants should be the attention getters, without undue competition from excessive accessories.
  • Pick One That’s Too
    Short if it’s not long enough, the wearer can appear rather vertically challenged.



When wearing this type of trousers, a suitable top is crucial. Adding a blazer or fitted jacket can also smarten up your outfit in an instant. (Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci, Paul Smith)