Know-how: New Life for a Classic

NEW LIFE FOR A CLASSIC. This classic and timeless outerwear option easily goes with everything, for just about any occasion


Denim Jacket by Paul Smith, Vest by Ted Baker, Shirt, Tie and Trousers by Brooks Brothers, Shoes by Hugo Boss; Denim Jacket, White T-Shirt and Scarf by Paul Smith, Trousers by Emporio Armani, Bag and Shoes by Tod’s; Blazer and Trousers by Z Zegna, Denim Jacket by Paul Smith, Scarf by Dunhill London, Shoes by Hugo Boss


Bring your denim jacket to work by wearing it over a formal vest of a darker color and a skinny tie.


Pair the traditional light blue jacket with a printed white t-shirt and scarf. A shopping or messenger bag wouldn’t hurt as well.


Layer a denim jacket under a blazer or suit jacket, and tuck a scarf inside for a stylish and dapper finishing touch.


  • GET THE RIGHT FIT the torso should cut right around the waist while the sleeves should reach just below your waist.
  • THE OLDER, THE BETTER a hard denim jacket actually gets softer, grittier and better as it ages.
  • MATCH DENIM WITH LUXURY FABRICS denim goes surprisingly well with a variety of luxurious fabrics to create classically stylish ensembles.


  • WASH TOO SOON When you wash your new jeans right after you bought it, you will wash out the indigo shade.
  • MATCH COLORS FOR DENIM ON DENIM One of the golden rules of fashion is to never wear a blue denim jacket with jeans trousers of the same color yes, this applies to Canadian tuxedos as well.
  • ACCESSORIZE WITH DENIM Keep the denim confined to your clothing and just say no to denim shoes, denim hats or denim handbags.



Lanvin, Burberry Brit

The timeless denim jacket is actually the perfect layering piece: It looks good worn in place of a cardigan or waistcoat underneath a coat or blazer. This is why we believe every man should own one.