Kenzo Has Just Launched a Zine

STOP THE PRESS. After successfully tackling fashion and film, Kenzo is now ready to try its hand at publishing. Today marks the first edition of its zine, dubbed Kenzo Folio

French luxury brand Kenzo has recently launched the first edition of zine “Kenzo Folio”, titled “Gidi Gidi Bu Ugwu Eze,” which translates to Unity is Strength. For the first issue Kenzo worked closely with Nigerian photographers Ib Kamara and Akinola Davies Jr. in collaboration with stylist Ibrahim Kamarato, to explore the cultural aspect of the indigenous Igbo people of Nsukka, in Southeast Nigeria while also representing the country’s creative scene. This first issue features images of the latest Kenzo collection being worn during various ceremonious activities of the Nsukka people.

The concept of Kenzo’s quarterly fashion magazine is to not only present the fashion house’s latest looks for its upcoming collections, but also work alongside established and emerging image-makers and provide them a new platform to showcase their talents. The zine also explores the story behind the brands look and setting of the shoot.

For the launch of Kenzo Folio’s first edition, the luxury fashion house will host pop-up galleries exhibiting the images in its Paris store on April 20 and in its London store on April 27. If you’re unlucky enough to nab an invite, don’t fret as an accompanying film made by Akinola Davies Jr. can be viewed on the Kenzo website on April 27.