HYT Taps Axl Rose as Collaborator of Highly Limited Watch

SKULL OF ROSES. Contemporary watch brands have a knack in choosing unlikely ambassadors and collaborators. HYT keeps this new tradition alive by partnering with Axl Rose… Who broke away from tradition by not choosing the watch manufacturer’s signature timepiece, the H2 Tradition




A meeting with Axl Rose has prompted HYT‘s co-founder Vincent Perriard to recruit the legendary rocker as the brand’s latest collaborator for the latest limited edition watch. It just so happens that Axl Rose is a big fan of the brand and a proud owner of an HYT Skull.

So it was the Skull he picked as the basis of the one-of-a-kind watch. “He was keen to devise his own model, of which he already had a good idea in his head before we even met. We developed it for him,” Perriard says. “This Skull Axl Rose is his, exactly how he wanted it.”

The Skull Axl Rose is identified by the skull in the center, which is made of blue Damascus steel, the first for HYT. Indeed, Blue dominates the exterior of the watch; even the fluid that indicated the hours (HYT’s specialty) is colored blue as well.

The 51mm watch comes with a titanium DLC case and transparent sapphire case back. Guns’N’Roses logo and Axl Rose’s signature are also seen adorning the back.

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